Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Mayor of Tarakan: socialization Peace Keep Walking

. Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

TARAKAN Borneo - Mayor of Tarakan, Udin Hianggio say, the socialization of the peace agreement continues to be done to the residents of Tarakan. But he refused to explain the roots of conflicts between citizens that occurred late last September.

"Socialization of the peace agreement is still moving. Wakapolda Kaltim go ahead. Indeed, there are still differences but I think we've agreed that perdamiaan it should be realized," he said.

He said the disaster happened in Tarakan is part of a national disaster which also occur in other areas. The disaster in Tarakan nothing when compared to other areas. As the attack police headquarters.

"Clashes occurred everywhere. How national disasters? So what's the government's desire? This we evaluate all including us, you. You probably know better, do not ask the same to me. Why is this nation because of defective moral character," he said.

He was also reluctant to answer when asked crocheted clashed with social jealousy related distribution of natural resources is uneven.

"If asked, this is a muddy issue again. The effort that we do not have the budget in Parliament. For example for the construction of the building arts, later we will also commission III of the House bill promises to help the City Government of Tarakan including patrol boats. Later we both to Jakarta , "he said.

Source: TribunNews (October 11, 2010)

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