Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Thousands Dayak Tidung Police Surround Tarakan

. Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Borneo Tarakan - Kaltim BorneoTarakan atmosphere Tarakan City, East Kalimantan, re-gripping. Thousands of indigenous Dayak people who joined in the Union Tidung Native Borneo (Heritage) Police came and surrounded the city of Tarakan, on Tuesday (28 / 9).

They demanded the authorities to immediately catch the killer Abdullah (Dayak indigenous stakeholders Tidung). Residents who come to the office of Police equip themselves with various sharp weapons types saber (sword), badik, and machetes. While tens of Police officers stood guard around the office.

Due to the arrival of the mass, the situation around Tarakan Police office heats up. The masses also do oration, in addition to urging the police immediately arrested the killer Abdullah, was also expelled ethnic perpetrators of Tarakan City.

Meanwhile, the police chief Adjunct Commissioner Dharu Tarakan Siswanto said it was continuing to hunt for perpetrators of homicide. "We are still looking for the perpetrators. We hope we can soon find the perpetrators, so that this problem can be overcome," he said.

According Dharu, until recently it was still examining nine witnesses for questioning over the incident conflict. "We still check the witnesses. We hope to witness testimony, the offender may be found," said Dharu. (MI / riz)

Source: Metro News (28 September 2010)

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