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Universitas Borneo Tarakan Status is now State

. Senin, 06 Desember 2010

Universitas Borneo Tarakan - Hundreds of students and student together with staff of the University of Borneo (UB) Tarakan, on Wednesday (24/11/2010) in the Vip Room Juwata Airport Tarakan, Tarakan UB Inscription welcomed a State university which was signed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 22 November Cenderawasih University of Papua.

Inscription who brought the Rector Tarakan Ibrahim Abdul Jabarsyah is also directly Diara Tarakan City-wine tour. In the procession which uses an open pickup truck participated in it Udin Hianggio Tarakan Mayor and Chairman of the DPRD Tarakan Efendhi Djuprianto.

The procession started from Vip star Room Juwata Tarakan Airport, passing Jalan Mulawarman, Yos Sudarso, Kusuma Nations, Bunyu Island, Borneo and finally finish in the parking lot of the Office of the Mayor of Tarakan.

During the inscription-wine paraded around the city of Tarakan, Tarakan residents are not too enthusiastic to welcome the arrival of these inscriptions. Residents do not care as solah arrival prastasi it. Pantuan Tribune, when he joined the procession, the residents who were seen at the edges of the road just to see and memadang without giving expression to joy.

Also seen the streets through which this procession was deserted of people. It is seen as it passes through Jalan Kusuma Nations, and Jala Kusuma Bunyu Island Nation residents who were not there at the curb just cars and motorcycles are passing.

Certainly the welcome is very different, when the commission II welcomed the Parliament related to the formation Kaltara some time ago. Here the residents are very enthusiastic. They carried red and white flag, unfurled banners and waved to members of the commission arrived. (*)

Universitas Borneo Tarakan could So Pride Residents

Universitas Borneo Tarakan - Mayor of Tarakan, Udin Hianggio like to thank the local council and residents to the founder of UB Tarakan Tarakan who have given support to change the status of UB into Higher Education Government of Tarakan.

"If there is no support from the local council and citizens of Tarakan, founder of UB up to his fellow UB UB Tarakan can not possibly be like this now. Tarakan Status UB became a state university that gives pride of its own for the City of Tarakan," he said on Wednesday (24 / 11/2010) in the VIP Room Juwata Tarakan Airport.

Udin hopes to Tarakan UB status to state universities, to improve the Human Resources (HR) in Tarakan. "So this opportunity to our children to get quality ynag learn better," he said. (*)


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