Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

REI Tarakan Ask questions involved Cheap Housing Development Plan

. Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

TARAKAN - Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Tarakan branch'm involved in low-cost housing development projects. REI assess discourse Tarakan municipal government to build affordable housing only runs one-sided. Yet according to the coordinator of REI Tarakan Abdul Khair, plan the program through the ministry of public housing (Menpera) in collaboration with REI Center. But the City Government of Tarakan has so far not to coordinate with REI Tarakan who have responsibility about the housing developer in Tarakan. "We as part of REI feel bypassed by local governments because they are built without coordination," said Khair told Radar Tarakan, yesterday.

It is said, a step the City Government of Tarakan do plan on Earth Paguntaka housing development is actually good and worthy of support. However, he asks, should the City Government took REI. It is also based on regulations issued by the government involving the REI. "That we can handle, stay later if the government approved the plan for road construction, electricity, taps him and especially his IMB," he said.

Previously reported, related to the government's plan through the Ministry of Public Housing (Kemenpera) to launch low-cost housing program, the Mayor of Tarakan H Udin Hianggio plans to membincangkannya directly with the Kemenpera. To be more clear, the Mayor of Tarakan will bring, and Head of the Regional Development Agency M. Jonathan Abbas. The arrival of representatives of the City Government of Tarakan, is associated with certainty whether or not to Tarakan on low-cost housing program first phase of the planned 100 thousand units of housing for all Indonesia.

Jonathan Abbas told Radar Tarakan said, the program is still under assessment. Even so, the City Government of Tarakan will menyeriusinya by direct discussion with staff Kemenpera in charge or the Ministry of Housing Suharso Monoarfa. "March 17, we go to Kemenpera to discuss also about other programs," said Jonathan Abbas.

Separately, the mayor of Udin Hianggio hope in the realization of this program will enjoy the right target. "This program is very good, than that we must support them. We prepare the land already equipped his letters, "said Udin Hianggio.

Low-cost housing program at a cost of USD 20-26 million, has a mechanism of subsidy and cost-free advances. Allocation, for people with income or income below Rp 2.5 million per month or will adjust to the UMR (regional minimum wage). The government will provide subsidies in the form of land. Owned land used State-Owned Enterprises. The government also will use data from the Red Carpet in determining the target bank.

About this low-cost housing, said Abdul Khair also currently Chairman of Kadin Tarakan, if this housing development program would bekerjsaama with the City Government of Tarakan Tarakan REI, the city government did not need to spend money. "That means give it to REI the building, prepare the land will stay with the government's calculations. So never mind the government is involved-join a pioneer or a developer or owner of the project, "he closed. (Sur)

Source: radartarakan (March 11, 2011)

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