Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

Kaltim Deputy Governor Attends Commemoration Day in Tarakan anti-drug

. Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

Vice Governor of East Kalimantan Farid Wadjdy will attend the Anti-Drug Day Celebration Ineternasional (Hani) 2011 East Kalimantan Provincial level, on Monday (6/27/2011), at the Stadium Datu Adil Tarakan.

In this activity not only held the ceremony. There are award exemplary family of anti-drug, anti-drug inaugural line up of entertainment for the community people of Long Bomb at Market.

Chairman of the City Drug Agency (BNK) Tarakan, Suhardjo Trianto who is also Deputy Mayor of Tarakan is revealed, it at once proud and pleased to Tarakan City believed to be the host of the East Kalimantan Provincial level Hani. Transform and that it hoped the implementation of the Hani can run smoothly and safely.

"Surely this is a good moment to show to the invited guests of the City of Tarakan. Mudahp I hope the implementation works well, because it brings the good name of Tarakan City," he said. (*)

Writer: Junisah
Editor: Fransina

Sources: (June 26, 2011)

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