Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

NAFED Tarakan to Help Promote Your Products Overseas

. Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

Tarakan Borneo - Secretary of National Agency for Export Development (NAFED) Ministry Perdagangn Republic of Indonesia, Chrisnawan Triwahyuardhianto Sosialisi present in the Export Development Program Year 2010, Wednesday (05/12/2010) at Swissbel Hotels Tarakan.

Reason Chrisnawan directly present in Tarakan, to be able to export the program mengsienergikan NAFED Tarakan City Government export programs. Tarakan is because this is one area in Indonesia that could improve market access of export products to neighboring countries.

"I come here with a direct staff, for trying to seek input about what programs we can do this in the Tarakan area. Because here we are on duty to promote the export commodities that are marketed abroad. We hope that with our arrival here can help mengeksporkan for existing products in Tarakan was out of the country, "he said. (*)

Source : TribunKaltim (12 Mei 2010)

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