Kamis, 23 September 2010

Want to cite this as Sadau Island Marine Tourism

. Kamis, 23 September 2010

Build-Tarakan Island Bridge Sadau

Tarakan Borneo - Want to cite this as Sadau Island Tours BahariTARAKAN - Head of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports (Disbudparpora) City of Tarakan Muhammad Idrus said many tourism concept can still be unearthed in the city of Tarakan. Sadau Island is no exception. However, like what is gamblangnya concept, will be presented Disbudparpora after Eid told local leaders and the parliament.

"We have made tourism potential exploration program that is still promising. With planning, there will now be developed and we'll dig another. That's what we seek, "said Idrus told reporters yesterday. According to him, the City of Tarakan has a good quality of tourism is quite large and promising, but unfortunately it all has not been excavated to the maximum. "So we will create exposure to potential exploration tours, multi-theme in Tarakan," he said.

Especially for Sadau Island, he added, is already diperdakan to be a tourist area. In fact, Disbudparpora has a plan to make Sadau Island as a tourist island with the concept of marine tourism, traditional fishing and maritime tourism. "In the future there is a traditional fishermen's houses, boats, fishing gear and even a traditional restaurant. All the traditional department so that later we will see the traditional special island and tourists can use the direct traditional facilities that exist there, "he explained.

Including if there are tourists from overseas, they could stay a week and even more on the island. Even so, it still will not eliminate the main livelihood as fishermen Sadau island residents. "We are just helping make the infrastructure supporting them," said Idrus.

For planning, the Disbudparpora will cooperate with the Department of Public Works and Spatial Planning (DPUTR). "Because of Public Works will make the bridge crossing the island of Tarakan-Sadau from Juata. And later will be expanded to Bulungan, "he said.

The concept of the island, similar to the Sentosa Island in Singapore which has an icon Lion statue. So it is possible, will be built on the island Sadau statue that would become the hallmark icon Tarakan. "We just explained the concept of tourism alone, all in the hands of decision makers. If it would be funded would be no change fast, if not we submit to policy makers alone, "he concluded. (Ddq)

Source: RadarTarakan (24 August 2010)

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