Sabtu, 20 November 2010

8 office for Tarakan City Government is ready to

. Sabtu, 20 November 2010

TARAKAN Borneo - Eight units of shophouses (home stores) in the Market Boom built Pajang City Government (City Government) Tarakan through the Department of Public Works and Spatial Planning (DPUTR) Tarakan has been completed. The plan in the near future shop will soon be occupied.

Commercial mixed-painted dark red, beige and chocolate have floors two floors. This commercial also have facilities, water and electricity, so the shop ready to be operationalized. Shop management plan will be submitted to Perusda Tarakan.

According to the Head DPUTR Tarakan, Suparlan, construction of a physical shop has completed 100 percent. Because the contractor who built shophouses tersebuy have provided DPUTR DPUTR Tarakan Tarakan and then will submit to the City Government of Tarakan.

"During this shop has not been occupied, for the maintenance and treatment of this shop is still the duty of the contractor. If there is damage to the contractor who will have the obligation to fix it," he said.

When asked what used to shop, said it did not know .. Suparlan "We do not know to what use the shop and who will occupy. For this we only get the task to build the shop," he said. . (*)

Source: TribunKaltim (19 November 2010)

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