Sabtu, 20 November 2010

PDAM Tarakan Find Pumps at Home Residents

. Sabtu, 20 November 2010

TARAKAN Borneo - It appears that many factors causing the water taps are not flowing through to the settlement residents, one of them use the pump. The reason PDAM find there are some residents in the Tarakan that use pumps to suck water, for the sake of its own. This also causes the water does not flow in the vicinity.

"We find there are some people who use pumps to suck water in his house, so the people around him did not miss the water. We find in the area and Lingkas Sebengkok Bridge End," said President Director of PDAM Plh, Agus Adnan after receiving the resident representative RT 2 and 31 Kelurahan Karang Anyar Beach, on Friday (19/11/2010) in the conference room taps.

Agus said the residents who was caught using a pump, it directly involves a reprimand by the Chairman of RT. "It turns out that we give this warning effective and homeowners, are not using the pump anymore," he said. (*)

Source: TribunKaltim (19 November 2010)

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