Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Alicia Djohar Want to shoot film on the Beach Charity Tarakan

. Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Alicia Djohar who entertain a large family on the Beach Charity Hospital Tarakan Tarakan New City, on Sunday (01/16/2011) turned out to admire the beauty of this beach. Seeing the coast Charity with this white sand, Alicia wanted to shoot the film on the Beach Charity.

"The beach is good, because I see the waves of the sea is not too large, so well suited to people swim and is also suitable for filming here. I hope my wish can come true and there are parties who want to support. If you shoot in this place, can as well as promotes tourism in the city of Tarakan, "he said.

Alicia heard the desire, the Director of Tarakan Hospital, Wiranegara Tan welcomed desire. "I think it's an interesting idea, and I will certainly support and look for some parties that may support this idea, for the town of Tarakan is also known to the wider community," he says (*)

Source: tribunkaltim (January 16, 2011)

Senior Artist Alicia Djohar Meriahkan Tarakan Hospital 47th Anniversary

Senior Artist Alicia Djohar Meriahkan Tarakan Hospital 47th Anniversary - BorneoArtis senior Alicia Djohar present day family event that was held Family District General Hospital (Hospital) Tarakan, in commemoration of the Anniversary (HUT) to Tarakan Hospital-47, Sunday (16 / 1 / 2011) in New Charity Beach.

Alicia Djohar presence which is a film actress and the show is entertaining family besara Tarakan Hospital through a few songs sung. Although not a singer, turns 56-year-old woman's voice is still fun to hear.

On this occasion also sang Alicia Okay honey, one of the soundtrack to the film Good-Good Love (BBS) diperankannya. In the movie this BBS, Alicia served as the mother of Diamond Nuraini that act as westi.
Tarakan Hospital Director Wiranegara Tan expect, with this event in the future to enhance cooperation among employees and kekompakkan Tarakan Hospital.

In family day was held several competitions, among them race dangdut dancing in pairs, clogs, and tug of war. Not only that there are also games flying fox. Games that fly using this rope followed the children, teens to adults. (*)

Source: tribunkaltim (January 16, 2011)

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