Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Satpol PP and the Joint Team Tertibkan Land WKP Pertamina

. Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Joint team consisting of Satpol PP, Police Tarakan, Danramil, and Tantib Six Village to issue to citizens who move within the Work Area Mining (WKP) in Village Six.

In law enforcement this time found there were 20 to 25 residents who were mengapling WKP land use rapia rope. Though the distance dikapling land very close to oil wells are planned to be opened again by PT Pertamina. Seeing this joint team asked residents to stop the activity and release the rope rapia.

Residents who are in the land did not heed the commands of a joint team of officers. In fact, they had threatened to burn the land if PT Pertamina prohibit mengapling land. They assess the PT Pertamina choose you, because in that land there are two semi-permanent buildings, but left alone and not demolished.

"Residents angry because they feel why should not mengkapling land, while the two buildings owned semi-permanent residents are allowed. So here there arose social jealousy," said Ernest Winokan, Public Relations of PT Pertamina EP UBEP Tarakan-Sanga-Sanga, "Saturday ( 12/03/2011) after the right the situation is.

According to Ernest, before a joint team right the situation, the institute has made a persuasive approach to citizens. "We have been repeatedly admonished people to not dikapling WKP land, but residents ignored until finally we ask the team to join this discipline," he said.

Ernest admitted, land dikapling residents using ropes rapia was adjacent to oil wells that would be reopened by PT Pertamina. We will start work to reopen the old oil wells, it turns out people do not allow for citizens to feel that dikapling land is theirs.

As is known in the land which residents use the rope rapia dikapling, it appeared that there are 30 old oil wells. The plan wells will be turned back to look for oil that is not only for the benefit of Pertamina, but also Tarakan. (*)

Author: Junisah
Editor: Sumarsono

Source: TribunKaltim

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