Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

After Blood Donation, rewarded with Mango Seedlings

. Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

TARAKAN - Commemorating the Hari Bhakti Forest Service forester to -28, Mining and Energy Tarakan City held a blood donor at Level 1 Girl II Building, on Wednesday (03/16/2011)

Blood donor who cooperate with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Tarakan followed by 50 donors of various instasi in Tarakan, like Kodim, Battalion 613 King of Nature, the Forestry Police, to civil servants.

In the blood donor this time a little differently. Parties, each donor not only provided food in the form of green bean, cookies and water, but also given the gift of a mango tree seedlings.

"Each of our blood donors gave two mango seeds. We gave this mango tree seeds as a memento for having participated in this blood donor. In addition, we hope this can motivate donors to donate blood," said Chief Dishutamben Tarakan City, Budi Setiawan. (*)

Author: Junisah
Editor: Sumarsono

Source: TribunKaltim

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