Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Evacuated residents will Charitable Beach to the University of Borneo

. Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

TARAKAN - City Government through Camat Tarakan Tarakan East appealed to citizens who are on the edge of Long Beach Charity and the New Charity Coast to immediately seek higher ground in anticipation of the Tsunami disaster.

According to the District Head of East Tarakan, Hanip he had appealed to the Chairman of RT in the Old and New Pantai Amal Facebook to evacuate residents to the University of Borneo which is not far from the Old and New Pantai Amal.

"From this afternoon until this evening I asked for the residents immediately evacuated to the University of Borneo, due to a higher place. But yah, I was told, but residents mediocre response. Yet this is to anticipate do not be late. So when late later government got the blame, "he said on Friday (03/11/2011) night.

Hanip said it plans to evacuate the residents. "If people do not want to be us forcibly evacuated. Because this is also for the common good, and instruction from Kesbanglinmas," he said.

Pure, one of the Amal Beach residents claim, has been notified by the Chairman of RT for a tsunami alert. "Mr. RT already tell, we must be vigilant. But I'm resigned to it if it's already dying yah want diapain," he said.

Even so, says Fine, if that should be evacuated with his family he would follow government orders to evacuate. "Wait for evacuation instructions only. But so far no evacuation instructions," he said.

The same thing also disclosed, Nuriana, a resident of Long Beach Charity. Women give birth three said, has collected important papers, if any time were evacuated. "We are ready kok evacuated, and also I kept watching television. Especially in Tarakan not including areas hit by the tsunami," he said.

While up to this story down, evacuation to the University of Borneo has not been performed. But some officials from the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP), Navy, Army, Air Force, police, Basarnas, until PMI has been idle, for the evacuation of residents. Satpol PP has prepared two trucks and one patrol car to the evacuation of residents.

Author: Junisah
Editor: Ola Mathias Masan

Source: Tribun Kaltim

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