Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

Mayor of Tarakan Can the Anti Corruption Award

. Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

TARAKAN - Mayor of Tarakan Udin Hianggio awarded anti-corruption of the Nusantara Corruption Watch (NCW) in East Kalimantan Korwil Anniversary (HUT) to 12 (NCW), Tuesday night (06/28/2011) Blue Sky Hotel in Balikpapan Balroom

The award is given to the number one in this Tarakan, East Kalimantan because NCW Korwil judge, Udin Hianggio has been active in fighting corruption in the region both prevention and penindakanya.

Upon the acceptance of anti-corruption award this means, Udin Hianggio second time this has been awarded anti-corruption from New Korwil Kaltim. Because in 2010 Udin also received the same award.

Udin said he gave the highest appreciation to the NCW that gave him the award of this anti-corruption. "I say thank you with this award. With this award I will do better," he said.

Udin admitted, he did not know what the criteria set out NCW penialaian he finally get the award this anti-corruption. "I do not know the criteria penilainnya. I was invited to get the award this anti-corruption," he said.

Writer: Junisah
Editor: Adhinata Kusuma
Sumber: Tribun Kaltim

Sources: (June 29, 2011)

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