Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

BAZ Tarakan decides to GIS

. Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

Media Center Diskominfo Tarakan, - Some time ago, on Wednesday (06/21) Board Amil Zakat (BAZ) Tarakan City through one of his employees, Syamsi Sarman held a press conference with the media crew.

In 2011 it launched a program BAZ morale for students, starting elementary school (SD) to High School (SMA). The program is Infaq Thousand Movement (GIS).

According Syamsi Sarman, GIS is a pure idea of ​​BAZ Tarakan to be applied early on for the students in order to instill awareness Infaq early in order to care for others less fortunate. So that funds collected will be used to help students from poor families.

"The mechanism to set aside each student implanted Rp.1000, - per month for infaq," he explained. GIS should not be seen from the nominal, but absorb the moral lesson for our students, which is used alms.

Currently according to Syamsi number of students ranging from elementary school s / d SMA recorded approximately 34,000 students. And for students of religion of Islam more or less recorded about 25,000 people, where Muslims number 25,000 students multiplied by Rp. 1000, -/month, then every month will be collected Rp. 25.000.000, - (twenty five million rupiah) per month.

"The plan of this GIS will be launched on SDN SMPN 1 and 018 in the near future," he added.

For this July, BAZ Tarakan also been preparing for the help 400 school kits for students who are unable to enter the new school year. To 400 tersabut package will be distributed to eligible students in a selective manner by presenting the card Jamkesmas / Gakin / Letter incapable of authorized officials (red, the RT).

TT - OZ - DD, Diskominfo Tarakan

Sources: (June 27, 2011)

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