Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

Stadium Road Home Datu Adil Tarakan Flood

. Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

TARAKAN - The rain which flushed Tarakan City on Thursday (6/30/2011) causing a number of roads in Tarakan waterlogged and eventually flood. As happened in Sebengkok Road, Coral Anyar, Bugis Village, Simpang Fields, Mulawarwan to Home Stadium Datu Adil.

Flooding that occurred during the rains made jams several vehicles. Car or motorcycle can not be crossed, for example, which occurred in front of Datu Adil Stadium. Stagnant water in front of the Stadium Datu Adil adult knee. There's even a strike and forced the motor is driven by the owner.

Malik, a resident who passed in front of the Stadium Datu Adil admitted, every rain puddle always happen in front of Datu Adil Stadium. It's just a puddle of water is only ankle. But the knee is now limited to adults.

"Usually tuh puddles to the extent of the ankle only, so I passed the road Home Datu Adil Stadium this. But I wonder why now could be flooding like this, and the water was up to the knees of adults. Seeing this I had not dared to pass, so choose stop it, rather than later the motor broke down, "he said. (*)

Writer: Junisah
Editor: Sumarsono

Sources: (June 30, 2011)

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