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Since June 24, It's been 842 House Teraliri Gas

. Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

Start Tarakan Perusda Overwhelmed

TARAKAN - Until yesterday, the network of natural gas (Gas In) which is connected to the SR (household connections) in two villages in Tarakan, namely Sebengkok and Reef Flip, the number has reached 842 SR.

Director of Regional Corporate Tarakan, Tigor Nainggolan predicted, jetting gas planned for SR 3366 is faster than the original schedule of August. If everything smoothly, then Perusda ensure the day they could drain the gas In the SR-100. "Maybe mid-July was flowing all," said Tigor Nainggolan.

Former members of the DPRD Tarakan explained, this acceleration will certainly minimize the losses that can be experienced Perusda the future, as happened in Palembang, a 12-month losses. It was caused because the gas distribution network connection is not as fast as in Tarakan. "If you've connected all of the utilization of gas a lot, if the volume of gas is widely used community, it will reduce the losses," he explained.

According to Tigor, which makes the loss is "overdrawn P", meaning life is not disposable shall be paid an amount determined PJBG (gas sale and purchase agreement), namely 0.15 BBTU (Billion British Thermal Units), while utilization is not up to such numbers and remain must be paid Perusda.

"Hopefully with this acceleration does not make a loss," please Tigor.

Related matter of gas prices to be paid to Perusda society, according to him until yesterday was still waiting for the certainty of Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas. "Pricing is on BPH Migas, and the price is not likely to come down from the rate filing Perusda, namely 2883 to Rp Rp.2.885," he said.

And what about the bills residents who already enjoy the gas flow in? Tigor is said, to which is mounted in this June, most likely the new bill payment will be provided as well along with the bill in the month of July while waiting for the price certainty of BPH Migas.

"We consider this trial to the public, so in June of this bill will be combined with the next month," he said.

For the payment process, while done in the office Perusda first. But there is discourse to facilitate the ministry in the community, Perusda will open checkouts at the administrative offices.

Admittedly, the target Perusda for installation of gas in these SR 3366, there are two things that make installation delays. First because spuyer gas stove can be enlarged to a low-pressure gas flows through it. While other issues, on some particular brand of it there is a hole spuyernya greatness and should be scaled down or replaced. "Apparently there is also greatness there is also the smallness spuyernya," said Tigor.

However, he added, the public response to this request In Gas installation have increased. "Now we are overwhelmed by the many citizens who ask to be paired gas in her home town," said Tigor, adding currently has 6 open to facilitate drainage Regulators Gas Station In. (Ddq)

Sources: (June 25, 2011)

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