Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Schools in Tarakan crowded Registrant Anticipation

. Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Today, the New Student Candidate Registration Begins

TARAKAN - Today (1 / 7), registration of new learners implemented. This activity lasted 3 days, ie in addition to today, tomorrow (2 / 7) and Monday (4 / 7). Some public schools that became the target of parents were ready well in advance.

"Are you ready for it all, stay of execution," said Deputy Chief SMP 3 Tarakan, Tarakan Radar Lamberi to yesterday (30 / 6).

To be better prepared, they also hold a registration as an actual simulation. For parents who want to enroll their children in school 3, must pass through three counters, which counters the first to file retrieval, file the return counter and the second to third counters to file returns for students who are not accepted. These three counters are assessed Lamberi powerful push possible applicants crowded due to long waits.

"The process is similar to previous years," said Lamberi the morning it led directly simulated registration of new students at her school.

Anticipating another call Lamberi, counter 3 as the return beam is also used as a place to direct parents. "Usually we point to MTs or SMP 10 if not accepted, and recently there is another proposal from the junior Kumi, so God willing, we point to it in anticipation of applicants crowded here," says this bespectacled man.

Not only that, so that parents do not linger in the area of ​​registration, data input is done by a computerized system that results are presented through slides are also considered to be very helpful.

"The value of direct ranked by value SKHUN (Certificate of National Exam Results). Because of the short time tomorrow, so we do from 8 to 11, "he said.

Not much different, Tarakan SMA 2 also uses the procedure of registration as the previous year, but slightly different from the SMP 3 which provides 3 counters.

"We are preparing some counters which are all free to pick up registration forms at the same time the number of participants," said Chief SMA 2 Tarakan, Haryano told reporters.

Once the form is filled, applicants are directed to restore the form while waiting for the results of a journal published through the slides. "Basically we're ready, in previous years there was no problem, so this year, God willing, no problem," he said.

For the basic level, Main SD 2 also had a way no different from the previous year. "Last year this way too," said Committee Chairman PPDB, Paino to this medium. "We announce that the journal can be viewed through the afternoon," he said after visiting the Head of Education Office of the City Tarakan, related Sudirman PPDB preparation today.

After completed his visit to some schools, Sudirman asserted, today confirmed the implementation of the registration went smoothly.

"Alhamdulillah, the schools are ready. Perhaps the concerns of certain parties, it may be due to registration tomorrow (today, Red) starting Friday for a short time, "said Sudirman after ensuring the preparation of a number of schools, namely SMA 2, Junior 3 and 2 SD Main Medium accompanied by Head of Education, Aswadi SPd.

"Believe me, all will be well served. Because, this is the principle of registration of all children to school, "said Sudirman.

"Tomorrow morning (today, Red.), The parents would come in droves to register. Well my advice, never mind that, there's still time and the next day when he saw his son was not accepted, please go to another school alternative, because the main principle, children need school, "said Sudirman. (Nat)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 1, 2011)

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