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Tarakan, City Third The Shaping FK KDKM

. Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Office of the Mayor of Tarakan Imbaya space, Forum Communications and the National Interagency Keawaspadaan Masyatakat (FK KDKM) Tarakan City silahturami have dialogue and to the Office of the Mayor of Tarakan, Wednesday (06/07).

Tarakan is the third city in East Kalimantan region that forms the northern part of Berau and FK KDKM after the summit. In the dialogue, FK KDKM convey stewardship arrangement consisting of 12 elements which are formed from the many ways chairman luminaries element, be it from the elements of ethnicity, religion, education and even elements of security.

Mayor of Tarakan as ketuan Advisory Board, expressed his expectation to the establishment of community forums this by considering the main purpose of FK KDKM to avoid the occurrence of horizontal conflict either security or natural disasters.

"Let us both realize that the establishment of this forum for common interests," he said.

In FK KDKM stewardship has two main Board, among which the Steering Board, chaired by the Mayor of Tarakan, Advisory Council composed of community leaders. Besides, the FK KDKM kepengengurusan core formed from the collective agreement.

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Sources: (July 11, 2011)

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